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How to Give Your Business a Boost

36 Creative Ways to Bring More Attention to Your Business
Could your business benefit from more attention in the marketplace? Do you feel like your business isn’t always top of mind in the community? TOP OF MIND AWARENESS is one of the most important keys to success for most businesses. People have so many choices where to spend their time and money, in real life and online.
So how can you maintain T.O.M.A.? People won’t buy from you if they don’t think of you. Create ways to showcase your name as often as you can.
The easiest way to increase sales is to upsell your existing/current customers. The second-best way is increased exposure. These days, in order to stand out, you need to get creative and use all available tools.  The Chamber exists to be one of the most important tools in your tool box!
Here are a few ideas to help get your business more attention that are also budget-friendly:

  1. Host a contest of some type on your social media (trivia, slogans, etc.)
  2. Sponsor a Chamber event! You’ll get cost-effective promotion in front of key community stakeholders and local opinion leaders.
  3. Provide a donation/door prize for a Chamber event to gain great recognition.
  4. Sponsor a youth sports team.
  5. Start a Facebook group on a topic of interest to your ideal target market. For example, an insurance agent might start a group based on community happenings or a real estate agent could start a group on home decorating.
  6. Write an eBook showcasing your special knowledge/expertise. Give it away free to those who interact with your social media and in-person at your business.
  7. Host a class on a topic relevant to your industry at your local library. It positions you as an expert and people will refer to you more.
  8. Host a free workshop/drop-in Q&A session in a user-friendly spot in town – like the community room at the Chamber or at a local restaurant.
  9. Celebrate a national day with a giveaway, like a free drink with every slice of pizza on National Pizza Day.  Create buzz about it on your social media. (Click for a calendar.)
  10. Advertise/sponsor signs at local attractions and events.
  11. Place a free Hot Deal offer on the Chamber website. It gets spread through the community both in print and online. You can also use it on your social media to generate buzz. (Click to view Hot Deals!)
  12. Be a guest on a podcast.
  13. Write a guest blog for an online site that is popular with your target market.
  14. Hugely important: be sure to complete your Google My Business page!
  15. Claim your business on Yelp! Maintain the listing and reply to comments/reviews.
  16. If you are a service provider, look for ways to attach your company name to your work. For instance, a painter may place yard signs while work is being done. Offer a discount/incentive to customers for the opportunity to place signs.
  17. Place an advertising wrap or window cling on your vehicle(s). 
  18. Advertise in programs for school events and large community events where your target customers are active.
  19. Be a speaker at an event and provide brochures and ask people to sign-up for your mailing list at the end.
  20. Email past customers and those who have shown interest in you. Send them special offers. Create loyalty among your existing fans.
  21. Create a VIP/Rewards group for your customers for a small investment (fee) so they can receive perks such as free shipping/delivery and notifications of special VIP sales.
  22. Pay for search results on Google. Figure out the best key words (and your competitors’ key words). The Chamber offers workshops throughout the year on this!
  23. Use targeting on social media sponsored ads.
  24. Host an Open House at your place of business. Offer door prizes, swag and/or free food.
  25. Use retargeted ads. (Click here to learn more.)
  26. Purchase an ad in your chamber directory and/or map.
  27. Look for online directories in your industry niche and add your business to them.
  28. Ask for reviews/referrals from your customers. Post them on your social media. Be sure to answer reviews about your business online.
  29. Create cool swag items and give away to employees, partners, and vendors. They are walking billboards!
  30. Post to local Facebook groups. Be helpful and solutions-oriented, and position yourself as a local champion to win fans/future customers.
  31. In your online posts, tie what you do into current concerns. For instance, if you work with technology, now is a good time to talk about cyber security. Educate your audience through the production of free resources. (Click to learn about Content Marketing).
  32. Make some short videos. Earn bonus points if you can entertain your audience, but simply providing good information will be appreciated by viewers. (Learn more about posting videos online.)
  33. Trade website promotions or advertising sign space with other businesses!
  34. Advertise on a restaurant menu.
  35. Use Messenger ads.
  36. Create a text-based list -- with customers’ permission, of course -- and text out occasional flash deals to boost your T.O.M.A. on slower days.
Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. But it does take time and effort. If one of these suggestions provides a good return on investment by generating more dollars for you than it costs, it’s invaluable to boost your T.O.M.A.
Experiment with these ideas to find what works best for your business.  Let us know at the Chamber how we can help you with additional information or resources in any of these areas.
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