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TCLM Chamber Earns Four Star Accreditation

The Texas City-La Marque Chamber is four-star accredited!

The Accreditation Program defines standards of excellence in Chamber planning and performance. It also measures achievement while recognizing and encouraging board members and staff who meet high standards of operation and contribute effectively to the good of the Chamber and community. 

The criteria and standards used in the Accreditation process become tools for management control, guiding our Chamber by helping us upgrade and improve our basic effectiveness.

Less than 3% of all Chambers of Commerce in the United States receive this designation!

What are the benefits of becoming accredited?

  • Enhances leadership development
  • Provides a measuring stick with which to evaluate the quality of the chamber
  • Provides better direction for the chamber board and staff
  • Helps chambers develop a realistic program of work
  • Promotes upgrades in chamber bylaws, policies, and procedures
  • Develops pride in the organization
  • Helps with membership development
  • Brings prestige, respect, and recognition to the chamber
Eight areas of measurement:
  • Governance (Board of Directors and Committees)
  • Finance
  • Human Resources (Staff)
  • Government Affairs
  • Program Development
  • Communication
  • Technology
  • Facilities

The Texas City-La Marque Chamber's Four-Star Accreditation is from 2019-2023.

For more information, contact Chamber President Tim Culp at